January 31st Super Blue Blood Moon + Imbolc + TAROT

Could there BE a better night for Tarot? I think not.

The moon will be in rare form tonight. ‘Super’ for being closest to Earth in its orbit; ‘Blue’ for occuring twice in one month; and ‘Blood’ for the partial eclipse that will cause it to appear red-orange.

Whenever these neat astronomical events happen, I love to think about who was alive on this Earth when it last occurred and what human life was like then compared to now. I love the sense of connection between us — past and present — as humans just looking up into space, feeling small. It’s a beautiful thing that hasn’t happened since 1866!

And then…

February 1st is Imbolc or Brigid’s Day (or Saint Brigid), kicking off Groundhog’s Day and Candlemas on the second. The end of Christmastide falls right in line with the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. What’s it all about?

Weather divination! Weather prediction has always been a human obsession, for good reason. Next time you find yourself “talking about the weather” with some random person, just think how it might just be one of the oldest human conversations, especially at this time of year. Poor groundhog…he’s not a very original concept. But he is part of a larger human tradition. I think, if they want to do it up right, they at least need a female groundhog named Brigid.

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