Future Deck Friday: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Tarot?


Tarot is like coffee cups — you need different decks for different days, moods, and purposes. Are you going to use your Christmas Tree Spode coffee cup on the Fourth of July? No! You need that super patriotic, stars-and-stripes Wal-Mart coffee cup. Are you going to take that patriotic mug on a road trip? No! You need your trusty travel mug with the no-spill lid.

You see what I mean. Nobody wants to open their cabinet on their birthday and find that the only clean coffee cup is the everyday work week mug. And it just doesn’t make good sense to use a lidless mug in the car.

Tarot works much the same way. Some days you need a happy deck; some days you need a dark deck; some days you need a tiny deck that fits in your pocket; and some days you need a traditional deck for that skeptical relative.

Here are the new decks I’ve decided will be part of my future:


Tabula Mundi Tarot / The imagery in this deck makes my imagination take off.

Crystal Tarot / The art is like stained glass — love it!

Gypsy Palace Tarot / So much color, it’s almost too much for even me (!)


The Byzantine Tarot / One of the only non-esoteric/hermetic decks Kretch likes — great classic imagery.

Thoth Tarot / Can’t help but love Frieda Harris’s art with the classic Thoth deck.

The New Choice Tarot de Marseille / New take on an old style.


Yoga Tarot (OOP) / Actually…this one is no longer a “future” deck…because I maybe bid on it on eBay on a whim — and the universe said, “You want another one?” (yes!) “You got it!”

Unified Esoteric Tarot / Can you say ALL THE SYMBOLS? I would use this for reference and learning, but Kretch actually wanted to use this one.

Santa Muerte Tarot / Imagery is too intriguing. Can’t. Not. Look. Is there anything more macabre than a pregnant skeleton? I think not.

Tarot of the Saints / Another interesting deck for symbolism, particularly with Catholicism.

So…yes, this means I have a list of 19 Tarot decks and counting. “What?!” you say. But listen, if people can have that many children in a reality television series, why can’t I have that many Tarot decks? Doesn’t seem so unreasonable when I put it that way, does it?

Happy Friday!

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