Therapeutic Thursday: Resources for Educating & Advocating

Welcome to this week’s Therapeutic Thursday — and what a week for therapy it’s been. With social justice issues at the forefront, there are many opportunities to educate and advocate in our circles…!

Note: This is a living post that I hope to continue to update as I gather and find more favorite resources for educating and advocating.

Doing Good Together is a great resource for anyone, but particularly for teachers looking for classroom projects or families interested in activities to teach kids how they can make a positive impact and demonstrate kindness. Not everything is a craft project…but if you like crafts, you will love this site. And there are lots of ideas for promoting good works during the upcoming holiday season!

Project Implicit is a useful tool from a Harvard research project studying social attitudes. If you like taking quizzes and feel like getting a little uncomfortable, take some of the implicit associatio tests to see what has been built into you from childhood. Remember, some of this is subconscious and sometimes has more to do with our environment and culture than conscious feelings or actions — but it will give you an idea of what areas you may need to more actively fight against. What are your default biases that may come out when you’re stressed and not paying attention?

Religious Freedom Center

  • Parent’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools (.PDF) is a straight-forward guide to what is an is not constitutional in public schools regarding religious beliefs.
  • Finding Common Ground: A First Amendment Guide to Religion and Public Schools is another great resource from this site. If you’re really looking to educate yourself in the laws in order to steer clear of emotional arguments, check it out.

The National SEED Project: “Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity”

  • White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” is a publication by Peggy McIntosh in which she describes her own white privilege. An eye-opening exercise to bring privilege more into awareness. Everyone should try making their own list to better understand their privilege.
  • Teaching While White is a podcast focused on helping white teachers better understand and teach students of color and recognize when lessons lack multicultural perspectives.

Anyone up for taking the Peggy McIntosh challenge?

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