Unique Baby Names For Children Born to ’90s Kids

I’m not even going to preface this post because DUH.


Topanga of Boy Meets World. Done and done. No explanation needed.

Dominique — because two of the 1996 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Champions were named Dominique — Moceanu and Dawes. Coincidence? Dominique is a powerful name, my friends.

Clarissa is the name of someone who, obviously, explains it all.

Linka and Gi planateers of Captain Planet who represent Wind and Water.

Daria and Quinn are my absolute favorite 90s sisters names. La-la-LA-la-la.

Trini — go go Power Rangers!

Harriet is the name of a sneaky 90s offspring. Careful with this one; she may become a spy.

Sunny and Salem — characters in a series by Jerry Spinelli. Perfect baby friend names if you and your 90s friend are both pregnant with girls.

Buffy — not for the former 90s kids who became Twilight fans.

DJ shows up on Roseanne and Full House. (So does Becky, by the way, but that name is too mainstream for this list). Arthur’s (the animated aardvark) sister had the most heavy-handed initials: DW. What does it stand for? Does anyone know?

Now, let’s not forget Mary-Kate because it’s such an iconic name even though it is simply two plain names hyphenated together.

Who can ever forget Angelica from the Rugrats? If your child is super intense, consider this one.

Rayanne from My So-Called Life is solid.

If your child is showing some exceptional abilities, consider Sabrina or Matilda.

If you’re having twins, Tia and Tamara!

Blossom is both the title name of a 90s TV show — as well as the name of a Powerpuff Girl. If you’re having triplet girls, consider Buttercup and Bubbles as well. (At least for nicknames, right?)

Dot, the Animaniacs sister.

Macarena, if your baby is kicking you a lot.

Cher, Dionne, and Tai from Clueless work on so many 90s levels. As if!

Let’s all admit that millenial actress Raven-Symoné has the coolest name ever.

Of course, we must discuss Disney names: Belle is reserved for kids who like to read. Ariel is for the rebellious child (her sisters Attina & Aquata make good names if you’re going for more basic personalities). Mulan is a badass, obviously. Love the name Nala, and Jasmine is a personal favorite. Pocahontas and Nakoma for best friends. Use Esmeralda if you’re into the boho scene.

Also, we must pull from non-Disney animated movies like FernGully: The Last RainforestCrysta and Magi Lune — and Anastasia. I think FernGully itself should make the list as a possible unique 90s name.

Harry Potter brings us a plethora of unique women’s names: Hermione, Ginevra, Minerva, Luna, Fleur, Bellatrix, and Petunia.

Allegra from Allegra’s Window, and Eureeka from Eureeka’s Castle.

And what about some of the Disney movies of the 90s, like ZenonZenon, Nebula, & Lynx — and Halloweentown’s Marnie Piper.

Straight from Shakespeare, the name Bianca makes a comeback in 10 Things I Hate About You.

If you name your children Thackery and Topanga, YOU WIN.


Thackery, as in Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocushell yes.

Planeteers Kwame, Ma-Ti, and Wheeler represent Earth, Fire, and Heart.

For mutant families who appreciate art, consider Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air would be unique yet traditional, as would Doug.

If at all possible, make your kid’s initials JTT.

Slater, as in A.C. Slater, from Saved By the Bell would be cool. Screech, not so much.

Rocko will most certainly have a modern life.

Frasier, because some kids are born pretentious. Catalano — only for brooding children with large eyes.

Kenan and Kel — once again, great for two 90s friends having boys at the same time. Kel must love orange soda. Mm-hm.

Fievel from An American Tail — throwing back into the 80s, but Fievel is too good of a name to leave out.

Elton and Murray from Clueless. They are the cool guys but not so great at relationships.

Disney men? Let’s start with straight-up Beast. Dude is literally known solely by his anamorphic name. Then, of course, there is Gaston, but that’s only if you want to prime your son to be a misogynist Frenchman; use Maurice or Phillipe, instead. Triton, the father in The Little Mermaid is a strong, mythical name; Sebastian is for the crabby baby. Shang will be a popular leader. Mufasa, Rafiki, Scar, Timon, and Pumbaa for lovers of The Lion King. Aladdin is a classic for the mischievous child. Tarzan is great for the outdoorsy types. Don’t forget Lon, Kocoum, and Kekata from Pocahontas!

Pinky, because the Brain would be weird (not that Pinky isn’t weird). However, the Brain and the Beast might be great for brothers, one of whom is trying to take over the world while the other destroys his own castle.

A good Russian name from Anastasia can be unique, so check out Dimitri, Vladimir, Bartok, and Rasputin. Except maybe not Rasputin. And given the current political climate, maybe a little distance from Russian reminders….

FernGully has unique boy names, too: Hexxus, Batty Koda, Pips, Zak, and Ock. They will never have to come up with a fake name for whatever character they are creating in video/computer games.

Calvin and Hobbes because old names are making a comeback as are last names as first names. Calvin is also Snoop Dogg’s real name as well as the name of the Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

Buzz and Woody are actually real names of famous people, not just a pair of heroic toys.

Looking for a name that ends in ‘-us’? J.K. Rowling‘s got you covered with: Albus, Rubeus, Severus, Sirius, Argus, Dedalus, Quirinus, Remus, and Lucius. Use Draco if your kid has a bad attitude. Cedric, Neville, and Percy are good options. Ollivander is the perfect combination of Oliver and Alexander — bam!

If your child comes out looking like a creepy old man in an uncoordinated body (and many babies do), you can totally make Urkel work. Or not.

Now, if you name your kid Beavis, you can then definitely call his friend Butt-Head.

Whose favorite movie was Cool Runnings growing up? Then check out the names Derice, Sanka, Junior, and Yul.

Having twin boys? Use Yakko and Wakko, the Animaniacs brothers.

Pierce, because Pierce Brosnan was the 90s James Bond.

Finally, if you want to really name your son something that will get people’s attention, look no further than Jumanji.


Alex Mack can be used for boys or girls.

Ren shows up in both Ren & Stimpy and Even Stevens, representing both genders.

ZZ and Telly from Salute Your Shorts can be gender neutral.

Binyah Binyah, the polliwog from Gullah Gullah Island, could be masculine or feminine.

Chandler is definitely gender neutral because even though Chandler is a male character, we all know, “Chandler’s a girl! Chandler’s a girl!” #friendsreference.

Finally, if you’re going for something totally unique and neutral, take some ideas from the Legends of the Hidden Temple: Blue Barracuda, Green Monkey, Silver Snake, Red Jaguar, Purple Parrot and Orange Iguana. Okay, the last two, not so much, but Blue Barracuda Jones or Red Jaguar Smith could be interesting people; Silver Snake is only for families of Slytherins, you know who you are.

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